1.8 Liza Jane Recording and Assessment 1: 2-Bar Trades

Video record yourself playing a full version of the song along with the embedded audio below (including 2-bar improvised responses to the trombone.)

Song form:

  • 4 beats click
  • 8 bars intro
  • 16 bars verse melody
  • 16 bars chorus melody
  • 16 bars trading 2-bar solos with the trombone (trombone goes first)
  • 16 bars chorus melody (4 bar ritard at end)

Watch the video and ask yourself the following questions about your solo trades:

1) Are most of the pitches I play from the song's melody and bass line (B-flat, C, D, F, G)?
2) Am I keeping my ideas 2-bars long?

When you can comfortably answer "yes" to both of these questions, complete and continue.

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